ENSTRAT, your environmental risk manager.

For over 28 years ENSTRAT has provided real estate environmental consulting and due diligence services to clients throughout New England, New York, Florida and other states in the U.S.A. Our staff is experienced in initial and comprehensive environmental assessment and cleanup actions. We strive to represent the best interests and objectives of our clients while meeting environmental regulatory requirements by minimizing the cost of assessment, managing risk, and conducting remediation when necessary.


ENSTRAT is a privately-held CCR/SBA Registered Company, and is accredited and rated by the Better Business Bureau since 2010. We provide cost-effective and on-time solutions for environmental challenges faced by today’s transactions with real estate property. Our firm specializes in all types of real estate transactions and provides expert, sound solutions for public and private industry, the banking and legal communities, and governmental agencies. Founded in 1989, the main office is located in Marlborough, Massachusetts. ENSTRAT maintains a corporate atmosphere that attracts and inspires the most intelligent and innovative professionals in the environmental industry. Our core values are integrity, quality, teamwork, empowerment, and accountability.

ENSTRAT has an experienced staff and associates of professional hydrogeologists, geologists, scientists, engineers, risk assessment, and research specialists all working towards a common corporate goal of customer satisfaction. The goal is to provide the highest quality work possible, on time, and within budget. Our team is committed to take immediate action and respond to make sure our client’s ojectives are met. That’s what sets ENSTRAT apart from other environmental firms. Our success towards this goal is demonstrated by our client diversification in this competitive market. Over 80% of our projects are generated by repeat business or referrals. We started business as EnviroCorp in 1989 and in the mid-1990’s changed our name to ENSTRAT, Inc. – Strategic Environmental Services.

ENSTRAT is here to help make real estate investment and transactions work for our clients by managing and solving environmental challenges. We look forward to working with you!

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